3D art Camp Ellenia

Amazing futuristic 3D art by Daniel Lovas.

3D art Villa Madeira

Villa Madeira

“A private, luxury residence on a private island on the ocean world of Atlantis – a terraformed colony near the Ross 248 star.”

3D art Thegg Mining Outpost

Thegg Mining Outpost

“A xeno mining outpost on one of many satellites of a gas giant in the Mira binary system.”

3D art The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide

“The most detailed image of the Sirius binary star system that today’s “advanced” science is able to offer shows two blurred dots.
Luckily, we have science fiction.

Late 22nd century. A partly terraformed planet orbiting the Sirius binary star system. A civil research & observation outpost founded by ET (European Technate) from Earth. I won’t bother you with the rest of the story, I’d rather leave it to your imagination.”

3D art The Alien Derelict

The Alien Derelict

“Sha’raen is one amongst numerous moons orbiting gaseous planet Jaerena in the Ka’arh star system. Chilly, windy, unpleasant and lifeless world, covered by thin methane atmosphere and with (mostly) frozen lakes and rivers of ammonia. For the inhabitants of the planet Xalli, the only planet in the star system originating intelligent life, this remote moon is interesting mainly because of its surface, rich with iridium ore. It wouldn’t stand a chance as a tourist resort if it weren’t for the fact that it hosted a rare artefact: an old derelict of an alien spaceship.
After the remnants of the data from the damaged information system of the ship had been reconstructed and translated by the Xallian archaeologists and xenologists, it became clear that the unfortunate visitors had been members of a rather rowdysh race of intelligent monkeys, now locally extinct and dispersed all around the galaxy, originating from the nearby star system of Calyra. They used to call their star “Sun” and their planet, at the time a bluish paradise similar to Xalli, “Earth”. The Ka’arh star was referred by them as “Alpha Centauri A”.
The postcard depicts one of the numerous visits by the Xallian tourist vessels on the site.”

3D art Port Avalon

Port Avalon

“Year: 2415. A terraformed and highly industrialized technate in the Antares binary system. The giant tachyon field generator that rings the planet is used to globally control the weather and some other environment aspects by shifting the quantum probability of certain events inside the planet’s gravity field.”