Dylan Cole art Halo Environment - Photoshop

Dylan Cole is an art director, concept artist, and matte painter who specializes in film, video games, and commercials. The southern Caliornia native always had a love for drawing. Inital interest in comic book art gave way to matte painting and concept design after he saw the Art of Star Wars books. Dylan attended UCLA as a fine art major where he continued to draw and paint traditionally.

A summer internship at ILM opened his eyes to the digital world that he had been avoiding. Within a year and a half of graduating from UCLA, Dylan was off to New Zealand to be a senior matte painter for Return of the King. Since then, Dylan has contributed art to over 50 films including Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and Tron Legacy.

Dylan enjoys teaching workshops at various events and schools around the world and has a line of instructional DVDs from the Gnomon Workshop. He was one of the co-authors of Ballistic’s d’artiste: Matte Painting, and recently had the first solo exhibition of his work at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood, CA.

Dylan Cole art Urban Plateaus

Urban Plateaus

Dylan Cole art Futuristic City

Futuristic City

Dylan Cole art Hudson City

Hudson City

Dylan Cole art Lava City

Lava City

Dylan Cole art Moonview


Dylan Cole art Oxford University Matte Painting- Photoshop. 2966 pixels wide

Oxford University Matte Painting- Photoshop. 2966 pixels wide

Dylan Cole art Rocks Along the Beach

Rocks Along the Beach

Dylan Cole art Saucer Hill

Saucer Hill

Dylan Cole art Tropical City

Tropical City

Dylan Cole art Desert Town

Desert Town

Dylan Cole art Forerunner City- Photoshop

Forerunner City- Photoshop

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