Digital art Atlantis - Poseidonis

Giorgio De Michele is Illustrator, Graphic designer, web designer, digital painter from Italy. He like to create and design games, expecially roleplaying games and boardgames.
His art is influenced by the mystical, the alchemical, the spiritual and religious searchs of humanity.
Erebus try to impart an hidden symbolism, not ever readily recognizable, in his paintings. Some symbols are superficial and often misguiding, others are more emotionals and hidden, and reveal the heart of his world vision.

His games and stories try to narrate the history of our spiritual and religious beliefs, both past and future. He try to look in humanity soul to find the reasons that make mans (and sometime Gods) to impose pain and suffering on humanity, animals, and the Earth as a whole.

… From his DeviantArt profile.

Digital art Wraith and Redcaps box cover

Wraith and Redcaps box cover

Digital art Seth, Sethek

Seth, Sethek

Digital art Roman Armory

Roman Armory

Digital art Old Sawmill

Old Sawmill

Digital art Keras The God-King

Keras The God-King

Digital art elem-and-the-Dragon