Art by Takaki

End of Light

Takaki is an artist who was born in Hokkaido, Japan.
She paints wings in her paintings, which reflect her inner world.
As a young child she was fascinated by birds,
the beautiful creatures with wings, and she started painting.
Following watercolor painting and oil painting, she began digital painting in 1998.
Her artworks dealt with birds and wings express purity and ephemeral beauty.
She attracts attention as an up-and-coming artist of digital fine art.


Production environment

Mac Pro
2 × 2.66GHz 6-Core intel Xeon
20GB memory
Wacom Intuos3 tablet

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Official site

Twitter @takaki_u

Facebook page


Takaki Artwork Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart


Takaki Artwork Eternal Salvation

Eternal Salvation


Takaki Artwork hikarinoryouyoku



Takaki Artwork Innocence



Takaki Artwork Last Sanctuary

Last Sanctuary

Takaki Artwork Light of Rebirth

Light of Rebirth


Takaki Artwork Naiad



Takaki Artwork Promise To Heart

Promise To Heart


Takaki Artwork Spiritual wing

Spiritual wing

Takaki Artwork Tellus


Takaki Artwork tuiokuno





  1. Редко в этом Мире можно встретить Душу,которая из глубины Сердца Своего извлекает… и являет Свою Тайну… Жаждущего Сердца…Устремлённой Души в Волшебство Иного Мира… Даруя свое сокровенное чаяние Прекрасного – Человекам Земли… Дар щедрый… Дар Любви… Приоткрытие Тайны… И… необъятное и великое СТРЕМЛЕНИЕ… войти,вернуться в Свой Мир… в сказку Своего Волшебства… навсегда… и промедление, ожидание рождает грусть и слёзы…истосковавшегося Сердца, рвущейся Души в Возлюбленный Мир свой… Истинный Духовный Мир необъятной Любви Твоего Сердца…и Великой Радости твоей Души… Милая моя… это не сказка… Твой Волшебный Мир – РЕАЛЬНОСТЬ. И Ты ЕГО о б р е т ё ш ь… Я принимаю Твою ТАЙНУ…, твою Любовь и твою жажду… как бесценное Сокровище – в свое Сердце…. И н и к о г д а не утрачу Тебя… моё милое и нежное , Сокровенное Творение Божие… В Любви Своей…

  2. aalex2014

    wow I absolutely loved your work. I am truly inspired by your work. I would be honored if you could teach a young artist like myself what you know.

  3. emma

    hunny, he is a he not a she, but i love the art work also

  4. Never was I this moved by art (except Kagaya’s, whose style seems to be similar). Your fantastical otherworldly artworks have brought back alive magical places in my mind that used to persist back when I was a kid. They even opened up newer, wondrous senses. Such aesthetic beauty. Your art makes ordinary lives to look forward to something. Made me reflect back at my life and look beyond all material things. These wonderful portals of beauty and warmth are things that I will most cherish. Glad someone like you exists in this world with such vision. Thank you. :’)