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Fantasy worlds for upcoming space game Starpoint Gemini 2

Here's some of incredible fantasy cities and worlds by Croatian based digital artist Brajan Martinovic. This 3D images are created by 3dsmax and photoshop, for

Emotional photo manipulations by Ana Fagarazzi

Ana Fagarazzi is digital artist from Split, Croatia. Her pasion is photomanipulation and photography. Ana's artwork are emotional, dark in some case surreal.

Outstanding digital art, Applibot illustrations by Alexnegrea

Outstanding digital art, fan art and game art from talented Romanian artist  Alex Negrea. Game illustrations for Applibot, Legend of Cryptids, Galaxy saga

Science Fiction illustrations by Alex Popescu

Sci-fi cities, metropolis, landscapes, castles and other personal illustrations by Romanian artist Alex Popescu aka Aksu.

Fantasy World by Iosif Ioan Chezan

Cathedral of Renaissance "My Fantasy World" digital paintings  by Iosif Ioan Chezan. Iosif Ioan Chezan, born in Transilvania, Romania, gifted from childhood

1080p HDTV Wallpapers by t1na

Collection of full HD resolution wallpapers for desktop customization, download for free from author's gallery. Author of these wallpapers is Croatian based

Photo manipulations by Milosh Jevremovic

Photo manipulation of emotional and dark, but in same time beautiful women portraits from talented Serbian based artist Milosh Jevremovic.

Fantasy women’s portraits by Moonchild-Ljilja

Dark and fantasy women portraits,  photo manipulations by Moonchild-Ljilja. Beautiful and sensual female characters which will never leave anyone indifferent. She