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Female portraits by Liangxing

Amazing female portraits and women characters for Legend of the Cryptids game, by talented chinese digital artist Liangxing.

Fantasy worlds for upcoming space game Starpoint Gemini 2

Here's some of incredible fantasy cities and worlds by Croatian based digital artist Brajan Martinovic. This 3D images are created by 3dsmax and photoshop, for

Magic The Gathering art by Sam Burley

Sam Burley is illustrator from United  States, Most of his work are done for Wizards of the Coast, for the card game Magic The Gathering.

Outstanding digital art, Applibot illustrations by Alexnegrea

Outstanding digital art, fan art and game art from talented Romanian artist  Alex Negrea. Game illustrations for Applibot, Legend of Cryptids, Galaxy saga

Art by TamplierPainter

Incredible art by talented Russian digital artist Dmitriy Prozorov aka TamplierPainter. Fantasy game characters and landscapes.

Women warriors by Derek Herring

Women warriors, beautiful artwork by talented digital artist Derek Herring.Derek Herring's art we featured earlier in this post.

Hidden object adventure game art by Firedudewraith

Hidden object adventure game and other art by Firedudewraith. Fairytale worlds, forests, objects... full of colors and details.

Art by Ahlin game artist from Taiwan

Game design and illustrations from Ah lin aka  puyoakira, a game artist from Taiwan. Some interesting conceptual game illustrations and paintings.

Assassin’s Creed game art by ChaoyuanXu

Some illustrations for popular games like Assassin's Creed and other. From Chinese freelance digital artist chaoyuanxu.

Star Wars illustrations, art by Darren Tan

For all Star Wars lovers here's some of interesting illustrations of Star Wars franchise by digital artist Darren Tan.