gothic Archive

Art by Masumeh Tavakoli

If you need Book cover or CD cover she can do it for you. Today I wish to introduce photomanipulation art from DigitalDreams-Art.

Gothic photo manipulation by Lu Lebel

Her artwork are so beautiful, especially if you like dark, surreal and Gothic mostly female characters. Lu Lebel  live in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.                        

Emotional female photo manipulation art by Kurtzan

Kurtzan is french artist which make beautiful dark emotional photo-manipulation artwork. Female models in his artwork are so beautiful.

Art by Laura Sava

Some of best digital drawings by artist Laura Sava. Don't forget to visit her Facebook and DeviantArt gallery.

Spectacular portraits by Eve Ventrue

Very interesting art by German based artist Eve Ventrue. Male and female portraits in Gothic and Fantasy styles. Her art are amazing with original concept of

10 Beautiful female photo manipulations by Cemac

Photo manipulated portraits of beautiful women and girls. Emotional, dark and fantasy genres by artist Cemac from Australia.

Dark photomanipulations by Judas

Emotional and dark photo manipulations by J-u-d-a-s. Dark female portraits, surreal and gothic scenes.

Digital paintings by Alexander Nanithckov

Here's some of amazing drawings and paintings by Bulgarian digital artist Alexander Nanithckov.

Awesome photo manipulations by Margarete

Today we introduce some of beautiful photo manipulation artworks from German based artist Margarete  aka megan7. She mostly make fantasy and surrealistic female

Dark and fantasy photo-manipulation by TheDarkRayne

Renu Sharma is an artist born & raised in India in the Delhi NCR region. She loved drawing & painting since her childhood, always keen on participating