manga Archive

Comic art by Agustinus

Interesting and funny comic art by Agustinus. Game characters, funny super heroes, manga and anime from Indonesian digital artist Agustinus Kwa Hong Yen.

Art by Athena-Erocith

Some of paintings by Athena-Erocith. She's game graphic designer & concept artist from Singapore.

Carciphona comic, art by Shilin

Carciphona is fantasy webcomic/graphic novel by Shilin. Here's some of characters drawings from Carciphona.

Excellent movie characters by daekazu

Excellent and very well detailed portraits of movie characters, from talented comic illustrator Daniel daekazu Kordek Much

Amazing colorful illustrations by Sakimichan

Amazing colorful character illustrations from Canadian based artist Yue Wang. She do excellent work, and it was hard to choose just a few pictures from her

Funny game characters by Din

Funny game characters by Din. Din is a Lead Concept Artist at PC gaming company in Southern California. He work as 2d concept artist and Character Designer.

Drawings by Hideyo

Hideyo live in Thailand and her artwork is mostly about game characters and anime. More animes and character drawings can be found

Drawings & anime by Avionetca

Here's some drawings from Poland based artist Ewelina Mroczkowska aka Avionetca. She draw mostly male and female characters, which is happy, careless and pretty. For

Drawings and book illustrations by Aurore BlackCat

Aurore is author of graphic novels and illustrator, from France. She worked with both digital and traditional media such as watercolors and white acrylic. Here

Digital art by Chester Ocampo

Digital artist Chester Ocampo who came from Philippines make interesting drawings and paintings, here some of his artwork. For