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Landscapes and scenery art by Daniel Alekow

Daniel Alekow is digital artist from Germany. Here is some of his drawings, very well represented landscapes and nature scenery.                        

Wallpapers by Maria Lucia

Stunning wallpapers and photo-manipulation art by Maria Lucia. Maria Lucia is digital artist from San Marino, her passion are animals, and her art is full of

Fantasy art by Derek Herring

Artwork for Star wars, Legends of Norrath and other Game art titles by talented digital artist Derek Herring. Download

The Avengers series by Daniel Kamarudin

The Avengers series of fantastic artworks by talented digital artist Daniel Kamarudin who live and studying in Malaysia.

Wallpapers, game art by SeoulHeart

Wallpapers free for download or request in right resolution for your monitor, from author SeoulHeart. This wallpapers are from game League of legends. Lot of

1080p HDTV Wallpapers by t1na

Collection of full HD resolution wallpapers for desktop customization, download for free from author's gallery. Author of these wallpapers is Croatian based

Cute animal drawings by Tooshtoosh

So cute animal drawings for children, here  is some of colorful drawings by talented Israel based artist Tooshtoosh. Her illustrations are amazing and funny and

Valentine’s Day Wallpapers by pincel3d

Specialy for Valentine's Day, love wallpapers and quotes from Argentina-based artist Daniel aka pincel3d. Suprise someone with beautiful and funny wallpapers

Stunning fantasy art by kerembeyit

Here's some of stunning fantasy digital paintings by Turkey based artist Kerem Beyit. Lot of dragons, mythical creatures and similar male and female characters. DeviantArt

Colorful digital paintings by Viccolatte

Today we want to show you a Swedish based digital artist Viktoria Gavrilenko aka Viccolatte, she 24 years old and make adorable digital paintings. More