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Game of Thrones characters by Jezebel

Katherine Dinger aka Jezebal is another digital artist from Deviantart, mostly of her artworks is portraits, here is one set of portraits of characters from Game of Thrones, but on her Deviantart gallery you can see more of her ilustrations, mostly from her favorited video game world of...

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Emotional art by Wlop

Wang Ling aka Wlop is digital artist from China, He live and work in Hong Kong, his art is hobby and passion and he work this in our free time. His paintings are emotional, little but sadness, mostly with couples trully fall in love on this paintings....

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Concept Artist & Matte Painter Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez is an aspiring concept designer and matte painter from Boston, Ma. Inspired to draw from an early age, he was relentless throughout his early years. His influences come from a variety of genres and well known professional artists that are known to this day. He hopes to someday work in the film industry and finishes creating his personal universe named “Existence.”. DeviantArt...

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