Carciphona comic, art by Shilin

Carciphona - Duel

Carciphona is fantasy webcomic/graphic novel by Shilin. Here’s some of characters drawings from Carciphona.

Blackbird - Immortal

Blackbird – Immortal

Carciphona - Spiral

Carciphona – Spiral

Carciphona - Tango

Carciphona – Tango

Carciphona - Toccata

Carciphona – Toccata

Carciphona - Too Late

Carciphona – Too Late

Comic characters Basilica


Comic characters Good bye

Good bye

Comic characters Night before the last battle

Night before the last battle

Comic characters Untitled

I miss u (Untitled)

Comic characters Veloce Visrin

Veloce Visrin

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  1. Sevde

    Wow! These are truely amazing! The feeling they give.. Just wow..