Retouching Archive

Giuseppe Parisi’s photography

Giuseppe Parisi was born June 27, 1983 in Naples, Italy. Award-winning professional digital artist, photographer and Photoshop teacher. Winner of the Sony

Raquel Jaramago photography

Raquel is Fine Art-Fantasy-Fashion Photographer  from Madrid, Spain. She work mostly with female and male models, represent different time periods and situations.

Photo retouching examples by Raquel Jaramago

Raquel Jaramago is Spanish based digital artist and photographer, from Madrid. She do interesting retouching photography, her  portfolio is

Fantasy Photographer Michelle Monique

Michelle Monique is a self taught photographer who spent many hours as a child practicing with her favorite model: her cat Kissy. 10 years later she is now working

Digital Artist Michaelo

Creative digital artist Michael Oswald from United States, California create amazing images with Photoshop, retoching real models. "My style is best described