Concept art by Peter Lee

art by Peter Lee

I don’t know what is with him, his last public work has created a year ago.
His official site is still under construction, But I put here some of his artworks.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

art by peter lee scary church

scary church

Pirate in the storm

Art by Peter Lee – Pirate in the storm

art by peter lee Bone waste

Bone waste
concept painting for Blizzard entertainment MMORP Game, World of warcraft

Angrathar the Wrathgate castle

Angrathar the Wrathgate castle

vehicle hornet

Art by Peter Lee – vehicle hornet

peterconcept art fantasy Castle

Art by Peter Lee – fantasy Castle

Official site

deviantArt Gallery

  1. aalex2014

    Out of all he pieces I have reviewed, your work bring tears to my eyes. Every picture I see here has a story all its own. I’d love to have a few of them on the cover of my books. If you are interested please contact me at my email address. Thank you. Alexandria G.

  2. Joe Cooper

    Hi, Im a musician and studying Popular Music and Music Technology at University. I just wanted to say how much I love your art work. The visuals of each piece and the detail of them is helping me create and develop new ideas for my compositions and arrangements.
    Truly inspiring.

    Thank you again. Joe Cooper