Fantasy art by James Wolf

Fantasy art White Angel

White and dark angels, dragons, nymphs and other mythical creatures. Amazing fantasy digital illustrations by James Wolf Strehle. He lives and works in United States in Seattle, Washington  state.

Fantasy art Dark Angel

Fantasy art – Dark Angel

Fantasy art Dead Gatecrasher

Dead Gatecrasher

Fantasy art Delve Dragon

Delve Dragon

Fantasy art Ruined cloud city 2

Ruined cloud city 2

Fantasy art testament to leadership

testament to leadership

Fantasy art The abandoned mines

The abandoned mines

jameswolf art canyon secrets

canyon secrets

jameswolf art Fire Nymph

Fire Nymph

  1. Shannon

    I’d love to use some of this art or commission other works by this artist if my game gets off the ground. I am still developing it with plans to demo it in a convention in April.