Fantasy game art by Mictones

Babylon fantasy city

Michael Anthony Gonzales is a 25 year old, digital artist/game developer residing in Manila, Philippines. Graduated from UST Fine Arts major in Advertising with Cum Laude honors. Started digital painting back from the year 2006 and worked as lead artist for an international game development company Boomzap Entertainment. Overseeing art decisions, and helps define the overall style for the game. Started own studio called “Tropa Entertainment” and still taking on some freelance work.

fantasy flower art

Please… Pick Me

Hall fire Water Mage

Water Mage Stage 4 (Super Rare)

HellFire sea serpent

Sea Serpent Stage 4 (Rare)

The Emissary

The Emissary

Babylon fantasy city

Watching Over

exotique 7 sci-fi art

Not Alone

Another Rough Day art by mictones

Another Rough Day

Chains Of Durandal ershu

Chains Of Durandal ershu

Dwarven Warrior

Dwarven Warrior

Lyssa fantasy girl

Lyssa: Disturb At Your Own Risk

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  1. Awesome illustrations. I really liked the dragon and dwarven warrior!