Female superheroes by Jeff Chapman

superhero women Catwoman

Superhero female warriors, photo manipulated by Jeff Chapman. Jeffach is US based digital artist with passion for photo manipulations.

superhero women Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

superhero women Valyn Star

Valyn Star

superhero women Supergirl 6

Supergirl 6

superhero women Snow White

Snow White

superhero women Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

superhero women Power Girl

Power Girl

superhero women MOS Wonder Woman

MOS Wonder Woman

superhero women Lara Croft Wetsuit

Lara Croft Wetsuit

superhero women Cinderella


  1. Robert Margetts

    you really have some amazing pieces of art. Really talented. I posted your url to one of my google plus communities. I know everyone will love them.

  2. I Absolutely loved this super Hero & all of the work that has been taken to make, produce & Advertise. This is amazing!
    Jeff Chapman it looks like you have been working on this for a while now. I have a very good friend of mine who is a Valedictorian, Author, Video Producer, Actress & She is also working on her Signing Career now. She would love to be the Model for your Superhero if you would be needing one!!! Please get back to me if you could. If not I understand you are very busy with working on this!

    Thank you very much,
    P.s Marissa Strauser