Beautiful pastel colored female portraits and fantasy theme art. Russian digital artist Olga Fomina make this incredible Photo manipulations. Here you can see some of her best artwork, many other can be seen on her DeviantArt site Helga-Hertz.

Olga Fomina beautiful female portrait

Olga Fomina blue ice eyes

Olga Fomina dead water forest

Olga Fomina fantasy river castle


Olga Fomina golden_dragon_by_helga_hertz

Olga Fomina music_of_spheres_by_helga_hertz

Olga Fomina the_mystery_of_the_water_by_helga_hertz

Olga Fomina vlada_by_helga_hertz

Olga Fomina wild_moon_by_helga_hertz

Photo editing primer, before and after.

Olga Fomina before and after photomanipulation