male elves Hope For Middle Earth

On internet you can see many female elves, but little bit male elf characters. Artist Mavrosh Stratiotis along with many other mythical creatures and species make brilliant Elf portraits. Her artwork are done in DAZ Studio 4.5 pro for render and photoshop for painting.

male elves Lardros The Elf

Lardros The Elf

male elf characters Secrets


male elf characters White


male elves Resting Snow Elf

Resting Snow Elf

male elves Sinsir, The Fire Genasi

Sinsir, The Fire Genasi

male elf characters Halforc

Elf name: Halforc

male elf characters Dunmeri Moment

Dunmeri Moment

male elf characters Yours Truly

Yours Truly

half-elf They Are All Dead

Dark Elf: They Are All Dead

male elf characters Wild Elf

Wild Elf