Photo realistic animal digital paintings by Maïdie

horse paintings Spirit by Julie Bales

Realistic digital paintings and drawings of horses, from French based artist  Julie Bales. Besides this
she make an remarkable jewelry which can see on her Facebook page.

horse drawing by Maidie Thunderhead


horse drawing Call of twilight

Call of twilight

horse drawing Commission - Platine

Commission – Platine

horse drawing Warterfall's Spirit

Warterfall’s Spirit

horse paintings Angus (Brave)

Angus (Brave)

horse paintings Philibert (Philippe, Beauty and Beast)

Philibert (Philippe, Beauty and Beast)

horse paintings Silver Storm

Silver Storm

horse paintings Spirit by Julie Bales

Horse paintings Spirit by Julie Bales

horse paintings Waltz of the dandelions

Waltz of the dandelions

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  1. Lotta

    What program are you using? Your art is really amazing! x

  2. Gabrielle

    Oh wow! Do you have any more art? I love it!

  3. Oh Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! So amazing!