Science Fiction illustrations by Alex Popescu

sci-fi city Cloud City

Sci-fi cities, metropolis, landscapes, castles and other personal illustrations by Romanian artist Alex Popescu aka Aksu.

sci-fi city Sail City

Sail City

sci-fi city Metropolis


sci-fi city Inner city

Inner city

sci-fi city Fire Rocks

Fire Rocks

sci-fi city City Towers

City Towers

sci-fi city Atlantis


Alex Popescu art River Castle

River Castle

sci-fi city Perdido St Station Cover

Perdido St Station Cover

Alex Popescu art Lost Kingdom

Lost Kingdom

sci-fi city The Awakening

The Awakening

sci-fi city The Colony

The Colony

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

  1. tomas liedman


    I am an debut author who have been looking for a suitable artwork for my cover art. Your image of the Atlantis City would suit really good as a background setting, is there any way to arrange for this ?

    Best Regards
    Tomas Liedman