Storybook illustrations by Ben Wootten

Ben Wootten art Disturber of the Peace

Ben Wootten is a freelance designer and Illustrator, he live in New Zealand. Worked in the film industry as designer for Weta Workshop for 10 yrs before going freelance 5 years ago. Ben Wootten have worked on LOTR, King Kong and the Narnia films as a designer.
Ben Wootten currently working as a freelance illustrator on brands including WOW TCG, Dungeons and Dragons RPG, Star Wars TCG, Pathfinder RPG.

HF 16 Scarab Heavy Fighter

HF 16 Scarab Heavy Fighter

Ben Wootten art Strike Fighter WIP

Strike Fighter WIP

Ben Wootten art Quirion Ranger

Quirion Ranger

Ben Wootten art Quiet time

Quiet time

Ben Wootten art Orm Attack

Orm Attack

Ben Wootten art Kraken Attack

Kraken Attack

Ben Wootten art Keeper of Valor

Keeper of Valor

Ben Wootten art Icarus the Seer

Icarus the Seer

Ben Wootten art Dragon's Fury

Dragon’s Fury

Ben Wootten art Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Ben Wootten art Approach to Tarina

Approach to Tarina

Ben Wootten art Sand Shark

Sand Shark

Ben Wootten art Bull Elk

Bull Elk

Ben Wootten art Goldfish


  1. David

    Ben Wootten is an awesome designer. I have seen some of his works before and they are amazing!